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Colour : Black,Blue,Beige,Grey,Burgundy
Control Type : 2 Sides Elevating Bars + TSS Switches (8 units)

Product Features

CA105 "CATERPILLAR" - 6 Section Therapeutic Table (3 Motors)


Main Features:

Main Controls (Fully Integrated)

             •  2 * Sides Elevating Bars

             •  8 * TSS Switches

3 Motorized Actuators (Fully Integrated)

             •  1 * Motor for Head Rest Adj.

             •  1 * Motor for Center Arching Adj.

             •  1 * Motor for Elevation (Hi/Lo) Adj.

The CA105 Caterpillar is a High-End 6 Section Therapeutic Table that comes equipped with 3 motorized actuators.

The head and back rests can be raised-up together with a range between 0 Deg. to 80 Deg. to facilitate a comfortable sitting position.

The user can sit upright at a slightly laid-back position. The buttock and leg sections are linked together and can be activated to form an "Arch" or "Plain" by a press of the TSS Bar Switch underneath either side of the table top. These two sections can be arched between 0 Deg. and 20 Deg.

A total of 8 x TSS Bar Switches are used to facilitate multiple movements of the table top.

   • 4 TSS Bar Switches on each side
   • 2 x 2 TSS Bar Switches control the Head & Back Rests
   • 2 x 2 TSS Bar Switches control the Arching Formation at (1) Thigh and (2) Calf sections

Plus 2 x Elevating Bars on each side for Hi / Lo Adjustments.

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Product overview

High-End 6 Section Therapeutic Table that provides users with complete raised back & head rests, two arm rests extension and center arching mechanism for natural sitting & lying position. When in face-down position, the face plug can be removed for user to face down while breathing naturally. The two arm rests can be extended forward and sideways.

  • CA105 has a high load capacity of 225 kgs / 496 lbs

  • 8 * TSS Bar Switches for Head Rest & Leg Arching

  • 2 * Side Elevating for Height Adjustments

  • Warranty Period (Years): 

         • 1 yr on Mechanical Parts

         • 2 yrs on Electronics

         • 3 yrs on Frame

  • 100~240VAC (Universal Voltage)

  • Plug Type: US Plug




Minimum Height:                          475mm / 18.70” inch

Maximum Height:                         900mm / 35.43” inch

Table Top Width:                          680mm / 26.77” inch

Head Section Length:                  470mm / 18.50” inch

Thorax Section Length:               410mm / 16.14” inch

Lumbar Section Length:             510mm / 20.07” inch

Leg Section Length:                     670mm / 26.38” inch

Total Length:                                 2060mm / 81.10” inch

Head Tilt Angles:                          -30º to +20º

Thorax Tilt Angles:                         0º to 80º

Mid & Leg Arching Angles:           0º to +20º

Lift Mechanism:                              Electric

Breathing Hole/Plug:                       1

Retractable Castors:                        4

Weight Rating (Max. Load):         225kgs / 496lbs

Net Weight:                                    102.7 kgs

Gross Weight:                                115 kgs

Package Dimension:                     211 x 76 x 57 cm


Container Load Capacity

   •  20ft                            21 tables

   •  40ft                            25 tables

   •  40ft HQ                     60 tables


Electrical Data

Control Box Input Voltage & Rating:          100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A

Control Box Output Voltage:                       DC 32V, 80VA

Actuator Input Voltage:                                 DC 24V

Duty cycle:                                                        Max. 10% 2min. ON / 18min. OFF

Max. Load:                                                        Push 8000N

Max. Current:                                                   Max. 6A



AAMI ES 60601-1, CSA-C22.2 NO. 60601-1

IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1


The electrical components used are approved by IEC 60601-1