WeTrac Cervical Neck Traction, Relaxer and Stretcher, Pain Relief for Spinal Decompression, Home Use

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  • Wetrac Cervical Neck Traction Device for At-Home Use: Stretching your neck with Knob-turning technology. Controllable intensity level (up to 50 lbs.) and upgraded cable design bring the ultimate relaxation for headaches, neck pain, shoulder muscle soreness and spinal tension. The WeTrac cervical neck traction device is designed for relieving the pain that due to the poor posture, muscle imbalances, weakness and misalignment. Truly drug-free neck stretcher for pain relief and home cervical neck traction device by WeTrac.


  • Get Immediate Pain Relief from Relaxation: 10 minutes stretch effectively reduce your awful pain. Get the powerful stretching to alleviate your stiff neck, soothe away the spinal pressure, and get rid of the long-term disturbing migraine. Physical therapy’s neck traction unit in home use version gives you more flexibility to get started your pain relief and pressure decompressed treatment anytime and everywhere. 10 minutes each time and 1-2 times per day is highly recommended.


  • Adjustable Angle & Precise Intensity level: By adjusting the neck wedges, traction incline angle and intensity level, you could get the perfect customized relaxation. With WeTrac, you could easily find your personal perfect angle to operate the stretch. Increasing blood circulation, eliminating neck and muscle stress, relieving fatigue after all day seating in the office. Note: Please Do Not turn the intensity knob while the traction device is under releasing.


  • Portable Therapy & No Assembly Required: The WeTrac neck stretcher for neck pain relief comes with a carrying bag that you could easily travel with. WeTrac neck traction machine for cervical decompression is ready to use at home, no assembly is required. Receive your immediate neck relax wherever you are. Instead of the traditional air-pumping traction device, our updated knob-turning cable technology will give you a whole new therapy experience, which is more reliable, effective and effortless pain relief treatment.


  • Patented Product, Well Made in Taiwan with Reliable Quality. If you have any question with our WeTrac Cervical Neck Traction device for at-home use, please contact us immediately to get the support. Everyway4all is a trustworthy brand and our impressive customer support is ready to help.


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