2-Channel TENS EMS Combo EV-804 with 5 TENS Modes and 2 EMS Modes (MOQ 32 units)

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The EV-804 Series is a combination of TENS and EMS. It features 5 TENS Modes + 2 EMS Mode swith adjustable pulse width, rate, ramp time, on off time and timer. It′s perfect for the users who suffer from the chronic pain and also need to strengthen and relax their muscle.
EV-804: 5 TENS modes
EV-806: 5 TENS Modes + 2 EMS Modes


  • Device X 1
  • Carrying Case X 1
  • Electrode Pade(5x5cm) X 4
  • Lead Wires X 2
  • 9V Battery X 1
  • Instruction Manual X 1

*1 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

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