4-Channel TENS EMS Combo EV-906EZ with 19 TENS Preset Programs and 11 EMS Preset Programs (MOQ 20 units)

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EV-906 EZ is a 4 Channel Rechargeable device with 19 TENS preset programs for pain relief and 11 programs for muscle stimulation. It can use up to 8 electrodes in one treatment allowing you to treat multiple areas of the body simultaneously. Please note that EV-906 EZ does not have any manual adjustment settings available, all of the programs are preset programs. If you are looking for a 4 channel device with manual adjustment settings, please refer to our model EV-906.


  • Device X 1
  • Carrying Case X 1
  • Electrode Pads (5x5cm) X 8
  • Lead Wires X 4
  • Instruction Manual X 1

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