2-Channel Analog Seris N601 (MOQ 32 units)

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N601 Series is a conventional type of TENS machine which includes 3 adjustable Modes. Users can adjust pulse rate and width by simply twisting the knobs.

N601: 3 TENS Modes

N601-1: 3 Frequency (Hz)

N601-2: No Modes

N602: 3 TENS Modes w/Timer 15,30,60

N603: 3 TENS Modes+3 Sub Modes

N604: 3 TENS Modes+3 Sub Modes w/Timer 15,30,60

N607: EMS


  • Device X 1
  • Carrying Case X 1
  • Electrode Pads (5x5cm) X 4
  • Lead Wires X 2
  • 9V Battery X 1
  • Instruction Manual X 1

*1 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty

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