We will reserve inventory for pre-ordered items on first come first serve basis.

Simply send an email to info@everyway4all.com or contact 909-606-8889, our representatives will provide return instruction as well as reference numbers.

For non-furniture items, shipping will take 2-5 business days.

For furniture items (treatment tables), we are using LTL trucking, and transit time depends on destination zip codes. Please contact us representatives if you need a freight quote.

Simply fill out online contact form/send an email to info@everyway4all.com /or contact 909-606-8889, our representatives will provide instruction as well as reference numbers.

Simply type in your promo code in the checkout section. Feel free to contact 909-606-8889 or info@everyway4all.com if you’re placing bulk orders (order quantity of 10 units or more)

For in-stock items, orders will be shipped within 1 business day.

Our company has been in the medical field for nearly 30 years and we’re also the major medical instrument leader in Taiwan. In order to have a reliable quality assurance system, Everyway4all has the criteria of ISO 13485; QSR (US FDA) as well as CE(93/42/EEC/MDD).

We accept pre-orders for sold-out items, lead time of restock depending on our production schedule, so please don’t hesitate to talk to our representatives regarding your inquiry.

Customer account is not required for checkout, however, we will send exclusive discount offers to signup emails only. If you find difficulties placing orders, feel free to contact 909-606-8889.

Yes, minimum order quantity is as following:
1. TENS/EMS machines: MOQ 1000 units
2. Probes: MOQ 3000 units
3. Treatment Tables: MOQ 100 units
4. Electrode pads: 3,000 packs (12,000 pieces)
Feel free to contact info@everyway4all.com for more details.

1. TENS/EMS: 20/32 sets based on different packages
2. Probe: 100 sets
3. Conductive Garment:100 sets
4. Electrode Pad: 100-150 packs depending on sizes
5. Treatment Table: 1 set
6. Traction Unit: 1 set
7. Lead Wires: 200 packs

We spent 3 years with Sekisui Company, which is a leading cosmetic brand in Japan, to develop a special model “TG-30E”. The biggest features of this TG-30E gel are its stickiness and the skin-friendly traits. There is no any toxic chemical ingredients inside the gel so it won’t cause any allergy reaction of the skin. More importantly, this kind of “TG-30E” gel is exclusive to our company which makes our electrodes to have a unique and important position in the electrical pads industry.

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